Most of all, Mila Professional constitutes a beautiful history born out of passion, development desire and… love
Waldemar Kotecki
Brand founder
Beginning - 2003
Our history began in the year 2003. The brand was established in Bydgoszczy by Waldemar Kotecki – a man closely related to the hairdressing brand for many years. Due to the observation of the professional hair product market in his head slowly sprouted an idea of creating a private cosmetic brand. The ultimate goal became implementing on the market products that would realistically respond to the hairdressers’ needs and support their daily work.
And everything started with a blonde...

By analyzing the market, the founder, with a team of experts, were looking for an answer to the following question: WHAT DO HAIRDRESSERS WANT? And not just the hairdressers but actually their Clients. The response was perfect blondes, which constituted the unrelenting popularity of such coloration type in hairdressing salons.

And it happened!

Sprouting over several years idea was finally forged into a real product. The formulation of the first cosmetic of the new brand – violet shampoo eliminating yellow shades for blond hair, was created.

What’s your name?

To reach full success, the brand was still lacking a name. As the brand was a special project to the Owner, he wanted the name to always be associated with him remarkably. So he decided to approach this very personally, using a shorter version of his daughter’s name.

From this moment onwards, haircare, coloration, and styling products appeared permanently on the hairdressing products market under the name Mila Hair Cosmetics and became a tool in professionals’ hands. The Mila Hair Cosmetics products, throughout 15 years, were positioned among hairdressing brands in the ‘D’ segment, but later everything changed.

The Milestone

Due to the dynamic development of the hairdressing industry, it was clear to keep moving forward. Listening to the customer’s needs and observing happening changes, we’ve decided to set a milestone in the brand’s development, focusing on implementing innovative products. Ones that will be more than a support and will simplify the work in hairdressing salons.

Disruptive changes of the brand
had started in 2019
New strategy and change of the name

The roll-out of a new marketing strategy, based on which the process of repositioning combined with the rebranding of existing products and implementation of innovative new ones has begun Change of the name to Mila Professional

The rebranding of Milaton hair colors
Implementation of
Be Art styling
First Mila Pro hair shows

Tournée in 7 cities presenting the newest trends in the hairdressing world and participated by our Clients.

Akademia Rozwoju (Development Academy)

As one of the first brands in Poland, we’ve created an online education platform thanks to which hairdressers have access to professional courses 24/7

Be Eco Haircare

Launching Be Eco is a key moment in the brand’s life. As the first ones in the hairdressing industry, we’ve created an eco-haircare based on PEH Balance formulations. The products received recognition and nominations for prestigious national cosmetic awards.

A rebranding of PLEX and MAX bleaches
Implementation of MILA WOW bleach
An extension of Milaton coloring by 11 new blond shades
Implementation of express coloration IQ Color
Implementation of express haircare IQ Care
Implementation of premium haircare Rich Therapy
A rebranding of Milaqua oxidants

By being a modern brand, we strive to set hairdressing trends. Implementation on the market of innovative working in express time IQ products for haircare and coloration became a beginning of a revolution, which aimed to optimize work in salons by maximal shortening of the time of performing services while maintaining the high quality of treatments.

Hairdressing show MAGIC TIME

On May 15th 2022 Mila Professional Brand was pleased to host an exciting hairdressing show called Magic Time and had there hairstylists from all over Poland. It was a special day, the theme of event was TIME, MAGIC and EMOTIONS. Creative director, Bartosz Bronowicki and training instructors from Mila Pro took the audience to time travel. Step by step, they introduced the world of hairdressing inspirations.

Implementation of a further lines from the
Be Eco series – Superb Blond and Vivid Colors
to be continued