2 types of hair colouring with Milaton dyes


It is a gentle treatment that refreshes hair colour along its length and at the ends, with nourishing effect, providing intense shine. It is a safe solution because the pigment does not penetrate deeply into the hair structure, but settles on its surface. In this case, we combine the Milaton dye with the 1.9% Milaqua oxidant, which is an oxidant with low peroxide concentration. Such colouring gives the hair a new, subtle character.


This is a solution for people who decide to change their hair colour or expect full coverage of grey hair. Pigments penetrate deep into the hair structure, completely changing its colour. The colouring is permanent, and the hair regains its shine and remains shiny for a long time.

Permanent colouring also makes it possible to deepen the natural hair colour with the use of cosmetic pigments contained in the dye. The applied dye does not lighten the hair, but highlights its colour, making it more intense. For this tone on tone colouring, we use Milaton dyes in combination with a 3% oxidant.